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Revaluation & Triennial Update

Under state law and Ohio Department of Taxation rules, real property in all counties is reappraised at 100 percent of market value every six years (Revaluation) and updated the third year (Triennial Update) after each reappraisal. Thirty-five percent of the market value represents the taxable valuation of real property.

In order to verify that real property is being assessed at or close to 35 percent of market value, the Department of Taxation surveys real property transferred. Sales ratios are calculated by dividing the total assessed (taxable) value of the transferred properties by the total consideration (sales price) paid for those properties.

For tax year 2016 year, Carroll County is required to look at sales from 2013, 2014, and 2015 to determine whether a change in market value has taken place since the last Revaluation, which was completed for tax year 2013. Because this is a triennial update, the Ohio Department of Taxation will look at sales, not each individual parcel.

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Property Owner?

Once your receive your Value Change Notice...

1. Check your data and value. The more accurate the data on record is for your property, the more accurate your valuation will be.
2. Report any physical changes or discrepancies about your property to the Carroll County Auditor's Office since your last value was issued in 2013.
3. Provide feedback to the Auditor's Office about your data and value to ensure its accuracy.
4. If you would like to meet with a Deputy Auditor to review your value and parcel data, please call the Auditor's office to schedule an appointment.

The table below shows when each of Ohio's 88 counties are scheduled to undergo their next sexennial reappraisal or triennial update. The schedule is a continuous six year cycle — so, for example, counties that undergo a sexennial reappraisal during 2014 will also undergo a full reappraisal in 2020.

Reappraisals and Triennials Updates 2016-2021

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