Carroll County Auditor

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Board of Revision

The Carroll County Board of Revision consists of three members: the Carroll County Auditor, the Carroll County Treasurer, and the Chairperson of the Board of Carroll County Commissioners. The board members may appoint representatives to serve in their absence as needed. A majority of the board may act as a quorum to hear and determine any complaint.

The Board of Revision reviews complaints regarding property values. Taxpayers who do not agree with the current valuation of their property may file a complaint with the Board of Revision. The deadline to file for Board of Revision is March 31st. The complaint must be in our office no later than 4:00 PM or postmarked by the filing deadline.

The filing of a complaint is an initiation of a legal proceeding. Please read the instructions on the complaint form and the Board of Revision Rules of Practice and Procedure. An incomplete or flawed form may result in dismissal of the case. The Ohio Revised Code allows one filing in a triennial (3 year) period. Please keep in mind that withdrawn cases count as an official filing. The burden of proof is on the complainant. The Board will determine the fair market value based on the evidence submitted and an appraiser's research. The Board does not hear complaints regarding real estate taxes.

You will be notified by certified mail at least ten days in advance of the date and time of your hearing. If a continuance is needed please contact the Board of Revision by phone (330)-627-2250. All continuances need to be in writing and will be subject to approval from the board. Only one continuance per case will be considered.