Carroll County Auditor

119 S. Lisbon St, Suite 203, Carrollton, OH 44615
Phone: 330-627-2250 • Fax: 330-627-0426

Weights & Measures

The Carroll County Auditor is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices used commercially in the county. A good Weights and Measures program saves the average household hundreds of dollars each year. The seal of the Weights and Measures Department protects the buyer and the seller by maintaining equity in the marketplace.

The Carroll County Weights and Measures Department inspects many devices for accuracy each year. These devices include gas pumps, deli scales, vehicle scales, fuel oil truck meters, and liquid propane meters, among others.

Package checking tests are conducted at stores to check the weight of the packages that are purchased so that when a product is labeled “one pound,” there is one pound in the package.

Another area of our concentration is scanner checking. Many stores use electronic scanners to compute prices at the checkout counter. Weights and Measures officials inspect these scanning systems to make sure that the correct price is charged to shoppers.

Remember to look for our seal on weighing and measuring devices for your protection. If in doubt on any weighing and measuring matter, please contact the Carroll County Auditor's Weights and Measures Department.

Consumer Information

 NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
 National Conference on Weights and Measures